Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fish Taco Magazine

What can I say about Fish Taco was a labor of love and hate.                                            

We only put out 3 issues, before I lost interest in it, I guess. It was fun...lots of very late nights, writing and editing...lots of frustration. 

Grammar errors, mis-information, lousy photo quality...that was what we were about, we had no formal editor...if I saw a got fixed, if I didn't...well...

As time went on...we did start getting some pretty good interviews, and I had plans of making it more art inspired in some areas. We had a corral of writers...that I appreciated very much.

I am not totally opposed of doing it again, in some fashion. I think it would be online only...or through Lulu, or something like that...because I am not printing shit! 

So, I am going to scan in the 3 issues, of our folks can read them...or not. I will also scan in the stuff that I had finished for a 4th issue, which will technically be 5. There was no number 1, we started with issue was a prequel kinda of idea we had for later on.

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