Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Moire Video Shoot...

So, not to sound as if I am some kind of conceded ass...because I'm not...
On rare occassions, I get asked to do "The Roy Thing", in videos or other weird and kinky sex projects.

I was recently brought out of semi-horror host retirement, by my friend Josiah be in the video he shot for Kansas City Death Metal band...Moire.
I believe the song is called "Revenge Kill" are some photos from day one of filming and the finished product...enjoy!

The first day was hotter than a filthy son of a bitch...strolling through downtown KC, with the "End is Near" sandwich board sign...people gawkin', shoutin' bible scriptures at me...2 black guys askin' me how to get to a McDonalds...very surreal.

The 2nd day we shot in the rat rod, I thought I might die...I knew the driver built the thing and knew how to control the beast...but in those few seconds, building up to screech down the street, all I could think about was being wadded up in hot, twisted wreckage, at the end of that road...squirting my thin-ass blood, all over the grass.

The children that God forgot...

Here's when we were shooting at the 6,000 foot tall pile of roofing debris, shitty diapers and rats...many of us died at this site, the rest are still trying to get rid of the body lice. 

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