Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Joah Valley...The New Wave Sound of Joah Valley: Beatles Songs

I know as much about Joah Valley, as I do eating chicken teriyaki on the dark side of the moon...I think that could be anyone's answer...there's not a whole lot of info on the guy, strung about the interwebbing, and most people generally think his "Beatles Songs" album, is shit, or a total joke. As for me...I dig it.

What little I did find out, is that his real name was Clyde Diltz, and he supposedly spent 25k, on this recording.

Yes, Joah's vocal styling's are a little sounds like he's taking a ride on Tesla's, vibrating shit your pants machine, but in some weird works for does...I dunno, maybe it's my masochistic nature.

The link below takes you to the rest of the album...including "Hey Jude", "She Loves You" and "For Once In My Life"...enjoy, or not...

PS...When I first saw his photo...I thought he was wearing a racoon-skin cap...still not so sure.

Joah Valley "I Saw Here Standing There"

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