Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Stick..."We Hardly Knew Ya"

This will no doubt be a brief article...because frankly, I know nothing about the enigma, the mystery man...known only as "The Stick"...and it appears that I am not alone...nobody does...except God, "The Stick" himself...and possibly, his loved ones.

On IMDB, he is listed only as "The Stick"...in the closing credits for Student Bodies, he is listed as The Stick...there is only one other piece of work to his credit...a Nickelodeon show called "Out Of Control" [with Dave Coulier], of which it appears he partook in one episode...if you enter his name as a search in Google, you get tons of sites where the common question is..."Whatever Happened To The Stick?"...this is something many would like to know.

What do we know?...we know that "The Stick" is really only known for his role as "Malvert The Janitor", in the 1981 horror/comedy film Student Bodies. Malvert The Janitor, was truly a disturbing and memorable character...double jointed, as skinny as a rail...or a stick...and retarded to boot. The Stick as far as I am concerned, is the selling point for watching Student Bodies.

In surfing around on the net, for Stick info...I found that he may have died in the late 80's [info may have come from an interview with the director of the film, Mickey Rose, the source could not remember for sure]...but, that is not a proven fact. In my own frame of thinking...I see "The Stick" as mid to late 40's in 1981, when the film came out...that would put him near 70 today...I wanna think that he couldn't have been the healthiest guy in the world...so maybe it's true...but, I hope not.

If so...R.I.P. Stick...we will always remember that, "Malvert Pee Red."

Uncle Roy...

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  1. He died in '89, according to this: