Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Show Review: Anal Cunt...Friday May 1st, 2009

Friday May 1st, 2009...those masters of wonderfully tasteless grindcore Anal Cunt, rolled into The Riot Room...to assault the crowd, like their ears were assholes.

Here's an amusing bit...my wife and I were not even in the door 3 minutes...and Anal Cunt's guitar player stumbled up to us and asked "What city am I in?"...Steph and I just kind of looked at him...and she said "Kansas City"...he said, "oh"...we asked him where he was from and he said "Boston"...I thought, man...that's a long way from home to not know where yo ass is at the present juncture...and various times in the evening he would ask people..."Have you seen my drummer?"..."I need my drummer!"..."Do you know what my drummer looks like?"...this dude was fucked...not sure if he was just drunk, or on some kind of shit...all I know is, he was having his own kind of party.

Opening the evenings festivities was local HC punks, Circle Of Trust...with my pal Lumpy shoutin'...and Buddy Lush of "The Buddy Lush Phenomenon", on drum duties...they bashed out some pretty tight, heavy punk rock.

Up next was local metal-heads Meat Shank, whom I had the pleasure of meeting a little while back, on the set of Jordan Rogers show, KC Anthem...I gave them all the chance to bat my junk around, with a sledgehammer...who could turn down an offer like that?...Attack On Uranus was set to play this thing...but they had some internal difficulties that night...so it didn't happen.

By the time the 3rd band rolled around, I was shitty drunk...so their set was all a blur...I don't even know what they were called...I could find out...but I'm not going to.

And then it was finally time for Anal Cunt...or A.C., as those not willing to use the words Anal or Cunt, have taken to calling them.

I love the band...but, I would be lying if I sat here and said that I knew every song that was played that night...I know I heard an a Capella version of "I Just Saw The Gayest Guy On Earth"...this was during a string change. "You Look Divorced" was played...and they finished the set with their kick ass version "Gloves Of Metal" by Manowar.

There was a bit of a skirmish right before "Gloves Of Metal". Some assholes were throwing cans and cups at the drummer, so he got pissed, and jumped out from behind the drums...and got one of the fuckers down on the floor, and was kind of hitting him. It wasn't like a major brawl...but he was pissed...and rightly so. The rest of the band then invited everyone that wanted to fight them, to come up to the stage...nobody took them on up on that offer. I will say that the singer Seth, looks pretty good for a guy that laid in a coma for 3 months...a little gimpy, but no too bad...stay of the crack, brotha.

My buddy Brett, got the fight on camera...and he took the photo above.

All in all, it was a goodtime...what I recall of it.

Uncle Roy...

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